Jungle Radio Survival Contest


In the fascinating world of Amateur Radio we are all very familiar with a lot of different types of events and contests like static and mobile fox hunting, CQ , QRP, digital mode, satellite, dx-pedition, workshop, seminars etc., but, we not very familiar with Radio Survival Contests. The Bengal hams are organizing this very exciting and challenging event during the EIHM  2019 at Sundarbans National Park, Bengal.

This is purely a ham radio sports event and it is a very challenging one. It tests your home brewing ability and skills as well as patience and endurance.

ln view of natural calamity and disaster, this contest will be very significant, much

helpful and show the way forward for the future. So take the challenge and prove yourself as a distinguished amateur radio enthusiast and skilled home brewer. At the time of need you can save lives.


In this scenario, you are removed from your cosy Radio Shack and placed in a jungle island of Sunderbans. Would you be bold enough to take the challenge of building a 20 Mt. / 40 Mt. / 80 Mt. CW Rig and communicate from one of the Islands of the Sundarbans with judges' control station.

So, come forward and take the Challenge and prove yourself as a great skilled Ham. Each contestant team consists of four valid amateur radio operators. This team will be assigned with the specific task of building their own C.W, QRP transmitter or transceiver with the supplied components.

The team will be droped by boat at different islands of Sundarbans. The team will build their rig to transmit good CW / SSB signal and try to communicate with control station.

Lunch packet, drinking water will provided on site.

Judging Criteria

(i) Judges will note who is the first station to transmit a good quality C.W. / SSB signals from his rig.

(ii) The observers are to take photo of their rig, building and note down remarks on a project permormance sheet.

(iii) All the contestants must submit their project to the judges and explain the project

(iv) Finally the judges will consider all the criteria and select 1 st three winner.

(v) 1st Prize: ₹ 2,00,000/-, 2nd Prize: ₹ 1,50,000/- and 3rd Prize: ₹1,00,000/-

(vi) Judges decision will be full and final.

The Judging Committee will be listed soon on this page.

Rules & Regulations

1. Entrants must abide by their wpc licence conditions.

2. Personal declaration as a contestants on specific form.

3. 12v 100A Battery,12v soldering Iron, Coax cable, Random wire for antenna will be provided at site.

4 Prizes are non-transferable and non exchangeable .

5 Winners must allow to take photo/video for documentation during construction.

6. Entrants must operate from their specific site.

7. Winners are responsible for any and all taxes associated with winning the prize.

8. EIHM 19 committee reserves the right to substitute a prize of similar value in its

sole discretion, either before or after a winner has been selected.

9. Power must be obtained solely from on-site batteries.

10. Contestant team may withdraw their name from contest at any time after the start of the contest, with help of observer in case of any emergency.

11. No purchase is necessary to participate in contests.

12. A person cannot enter on behalf of another person.

13. Contestants must not carry Mobile phones, any ref book / Circuit, receiver, RF Meter, oscilloscope, any Special measuring device.

14. Contestant Team must Carry: (a) Valid Amateur license, (b) Expedition WPC license, (c) Zeolin, (d) personal medicine, (e) dry food, (f) umbrella, (g) Torch, (h) small knife, (i) rope, (j) mosquito repellant coil/cream, (k) Cap, (l) Match Box/Gas lighter, (m) Soldering tools and accessories, (n) RF probe, (o) Basic Multimeter, (p) Dummy load, (q) Basic tool kit. All items are to be approved by organizing committee.