B.tech Credit Transfer

Emirates Education Centre undergo B.tech programme from any other recognized universities can pursue remaining part of their programme under the credit transfer scheme.

When a student transfers, he or she usually provides their academic transcript(s) that lists the courses, grades, and other attributes taken from each institution when applying for enrollment. Each transcript and listed courses are temporarily evaluated to see if any courses meet the requirements of the receiving institution.

B Tech Credit Transfer Branches

  • B.Tech. In Computer Science & Engg.
  • B.Tech. In Agri-Informatics
  • B.Tech. In Civil Engg.
  • B.Tech. In Electrical Engg.
  • B.Tech. In Electronics & Communication Engg.
  • B.Tech. In Mechanical Engg.
  • B.Tech. In Biomedical Engg.
  • B.Tech. In Biotechnology
  • B.Tech. In Bioinformatics

B Tech Credit Transfer Benefits

  • Conquer your dream to be an Engineer through Credit Transfer Scheme.
  • Credit Transfer system is recognized by government as well as private sector.
  • Eligible for higher studies through Credit Transfer Scheme.
  • Attestation will be possible for all GCC countries and European countries, except Saudi Arabia.
  • Can apply for UPSC, SSC and Bank test in Credit Transfer scheme.
  • Eligible for migration